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Mail transfer agent running slow


I've just finished creating my first website where i want users to confirm their e-mail addresses before logging in.

Everything's running smoothly except that the e-mail confirmation message that my page is supposed to send with the mail() function, takes usually around 10-15 minutes which has been quite an annoyance to my testers who i am running the website for.

Any idea how to fix this?

Also had no idea in which forum to post this, hopefully i'm in the right place. sorry! : )

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Could you be a little more specific please. What exactly do you mean by confirmation message? That their email has been received? Or do they have to click to confirm on the message? Or is their email checked against a database before they can proceed to login?

A confirmation message is easy.

You just add a small bit of php code that basically hides the message until the 'submit' button is clicked. That's a simple (and fast) way. You use the....and I can't type it here because it won't work, so lets pretend all the brackets and tags are there for a moment..........