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Moodle upgrade Requirements


We want to upgrade moodle platform on our server, but latest version of moodle requires following points mentioned

1. The Zip PHP extension installed

2. PHP opCode caching enabled(PHP setting)

3.Converting DB tables using from Antelope to Baracudda file formats or InnoDB to Baracudda file formats


Please advise





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Moodle is getting pretty tired these days, it does the job, it's free, but it's been superseded almost entirely by Microsoft OneNote which does the job much better (though not free).

I'm not sure that asking for changes to php settings which will affect everyone, not just the few, will gain any momentum unless there is a greater call for it from more customers. And probably not for a single third party program. But this is it with certain things, one size doesn't fit all, and a perfect fit costs more. 


I'm still (we're all still) waiting for php 7, currently it's 5.6. But it's all a bit like all of a suddenly changing the tv signals to digital while everyone had an analogue tv. Change one bit, it all needs changed. Remember there are millions of Godaddy sites out there... running on php 5.6.

So here is your chance and platform to state your argument:

Over to you and best of luck! 


I don't know if I expressed that very well?

Thanks for taking your time to reply my post.


You mean to say that , if PHP version on the server is changed to PHP7, I would be able to meet the requirements of latest moodle upgrade which i have listed..?



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OK, will check, thanks