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My Website hosting services on Godaddy became very slow

Two days ago my website became very slow. 

I tried to mail Godaddy Support with no response they are always asking me to call them.

I am now in Qatar and it is very expensive to call them internationally for getting support.

What shall I do?


Me too... Is your DC region is also Asia?

Same with me my website just become so slow dont know why this happen

My site is new and I am extremely frustrated how slow it is. I switched from Media Temple to GoDaddy because I hated Media Temple's customer service. At least my previous site loaded fast. Why is it so SLOW????

Same here - it is taking between 8-18 seconds for the site to resolve and show a basic page with under 100kb of data. Unacceptable. WayTooSlow!

Im new and this is crap.


My new zealand hosted site runs 100 time faster than this. Im considering if I should change to someone else.


Did they reply ? Was it fixed ?

I am new to godaddy and with using a paid hosting provider.

I recently installed wordpress and woocommerce and since I installed my theme my site has been inaccessible page loads are around 12 seconds if at all loading! It's sooo frustrating especially as a new customer.


I originally thought it was me maybe it was the theme or a plugin or even my internet connection playing up, but after seeing the comments it really is GoDaddy! I'm super surprised as I got better speeds on a free hosting provider... 


The online chat for hosting is ALWAYS offline so it's not like I can ping them a message to say hey whats happening. totally unacceptable!

I'm having the same issue.  For me it started about 1-2 months ago and it keeps getting slower...  Calling in today to start a ticket.

I have exactly the same problem... I used bluehost for my previous blog and never had a slightest problem. Now, with GoDaddy, I load even smaller pictures than before but it takes ages to upload them and the site constantly goes up and down. 

Have you had any suggestion from Go Daddy? I don't think that buying resources is a solution, to be honest. 

Slow website? I think godaddy will recommend to add resources, but it will cost you.


Website missing? Godaddy can restore your files for a fee.


Emails suddenly GONE? pay money to godaddy and they will restore your emails.


It's about the MONEY with godaddy.


Godaddy is becoming too slow and worst particularly to open up a folder in File Manager - Also forces to CHECK "Set all sub-folders to inherit permissions "

There was also error "There was an error talking to the API, please try again later." message frequently. I am becoming tired.


In the U.S., agree with word press, have installed it many times, but pages take forever to load if they load at all. Getting to the admin page is impossible.


Getting help?  The chat comes up all the time, but when you click it, it tells you chat is no available at this time.