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PHP email not working

I'm new to Godaddy Hosting (Deluxe Linux Hosting with cPanel). Installed web based application (php script). Everything works fine except the email notification is not working. Tested before locally and other hosting provider and it works just fine. 


Called the support center twice, but not helping much. I asked for official email support since every time I called I need to explain again the problem, unfortunately Godaddy do not have one.


Communicated again on FB Messenger, also does not solve the problem. 


I have changed the smtp host as requested, but still failed.


$config['useragent'] = "CodeIgniter";
$config['mailpath'] = "/usr/bin/sendmail"; // or "/usr/sbin/sendmail"
$config['protocol'] = "smtp";
$config['smtp_host'] = "";
$config['smtp_port'] = "25";
$config['mailtype'] = 'html';
$config['charset'] = 'utf-8';
$config['newline'] = "\r\n";
$config['wordwrap'] = TRUE;


need help to resolve this matter.


2 years and counting... still waiting for help I see.


I have the same problem. Customer service is USELESS. Worst mistake ever to host with godaddy...

Hi @yhsbm,


Welcome to the Community!

Our Community forums are provided for volunteers to share their experience with other GoDaddy customers. If you need the GoDaddy customer support team for a specific issue within your hosting plan, or in your account, we advise you to contact them at one of the numbers below. (Which is likely what the previous customer from 2 years ago has done.) 


If calling isn't an option for you, please try our live chat available Monday-Friday from 5am-6pm Arizona time (MST) on the US/English home page ( 



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