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Redirection issue



I have a Ultimate Web Hosting account.

If I add a new 'addon domain', this domain is always redirected (web server) to the primary domain.

The primary domain and addon domains share the same docroot but I would like to keep the entered domain and not a redirect.

This is to setup a multiple domain Magento store.


How to avoid the redirect ?


Thank you in advance.

Helper II

Re: Redirection issue

What you're trying to do is near impossible to do in a way you or anyone else can understand.


1) Always have unique DocumentRoot settings for every unique domain + host.


2) For redirections, best to alway use a 302. If you use a 301, you'll never be able to change the redirection target link, because browsers cache 301s.


This means any 301 error or anytime you must change the target link, previous visitors (including you) will see old target link. You can attempt to flush your browser cache + this may or may not help.


State exact links, as your question doesn't really make sense.


You say at first you configured a redirect + then later you say how you can avoid having the redirect fire.


Use actual clickable real URLs for best assistance.

Re: Redirection issue



Thanks for the reply.


When I say "is always redirected (web server) to the primary domain." this is what I think is done because in the Ultimate Web Hosting we don´t configure ourselves the web server but only Cpanel is allowed. Besides that, I do not want to this redirect to be done by Godaddy/Cpanel and my question si precisely how to avoid it, i.e. I don´t want the redirect to the primary domain for the addon domains I add via CPanel.


Hope that is more clear.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Redirection issue

Hi @feanton. It sounds like you want your Magento store to use more than one domain. I'm not sure if this is possible, but if it is, you might find more information about it on the Magento support forums. Like most apps, Magento is likely redirecting traffic to the primary domain that it is set up to use. 


On a separate note, you may want to reconsider your practice of using more than one domain for the site. As far as I know, Google can penalize a site in its rankings for having duplicate content. In a sense, you could be causing problems for yourself by trying to use more than one domain for a single website. 


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