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Regarding number of files vis-a-vis applications

Using GoDaddy Ultimate Linux Plan, under which these are the features:


Plan details: Ultimate Hosting 2 CPU 1,024 MB RAM 250,000 files 140 entry processes


Till now, there are 7 WordPress applications installed.

(1) 5.1.1 version, 213.7MB files, 4.9MB database, 0 backups.

(2) 5.1.1 version, 303.6MB files, 2.3MB database, 0 backups.

(3) 5.1.1 version, 2419.2MB files, 25.3MB database, 1 backups.

(4) 5.1.1 version, 277.3MB files, 1.6MB database, 0 backups.

(5) 5.1.1 version, 181.5MB files, 2.2MB database, 0 backups.

(6) 5.1.1 version, 212MB files, 4.8MB database, 0 backups.

(7) 5.1.1 version, 212MB files, 4.8MB database, 0 backups.


cPanel is showing:

File Usage 248,160 / 250,000 (99.26%)


So with 7 WordPress applications of the above specifications, is it possible to have 248,160 files? If not, how do I ensure that unncecessary files are removed.


The spike in the number of files perhaps occurred immediately after I tried to install Magento under one of the WordPress application directory, which was unsuccessful. When I called GoDaddy customer care, they tried to install Magento from their side and later told that Magento is not installed because perhaps of the number of allowed files (2,50,000) being crossed and so asked me to remove unwanted files from my side.

Rajeev Bagra
Super User III
Super User III

Re: Regarding number of files vis-a-vis applications



Yes, those look like totally legit sizes for WordPress installations, especially if they have a lot of media on it. 


That file usage number indicates the number of files you're allowed to store on the server. This includes things such as email as well if you use cPanel email. Each item, each file, counts as one tick on the meter.


Magento, in my opinion, shouldn't even be offered on shared hosting. You should have a Business Plan or above for Magento. Period. Or you will hate life. It's a huge program that eats up a lot of space and resources. Very good at what it does but only on the right hosting platform.


Basically you need to do some spring cleaning. If you're using cPanel email, stop it. Pay for a service. Get rid of unnecessary install files. Consider moving to the next level of hosting for better performance.



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Re: Regarding number of files vis-a-vis applications

The issue started when I found during nighttime not loading. I called the customer care and they kept me waited for a long time over the phone saying that they were unable to track the file. Just prior to that, I tried to install Magento that failed. Also, SSL certificate for the site also expired the same day. They asked me if I had given access to my password to someone else and I said no. After 20 minutes or so, I was told the site then loading. I checked and took a sigh of relief. However, I did not check at that time that all my plugins were disabled, and when I enabled WooCommerce, it did not. I believe it is the lapse by GoDaddy that led
all my WooCommerce contents vanish. Now, I am unable to install WooCommerce afresh. In the meantime, I upgraded to Business Hosting today which means my faith in GoDaddy remains.
Rajeev Bagra

Re: Regarding number of files vis-a-vis applications

After upgrading to GoDaddy Business Hosting yesterday, today, I could activate the WooCommerce plugin successfully with all the previous contents intact. The earlier episodes of fatal error and all remains a mystery.

Rajeev Bagra