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Site that worked no longer works

Hello all and GoDaddy,


I have called support twice about this with no luck but here is the problem. I have a domain registered else where ( and it has pointed into my hosting account for years to a WordPress app in my hosting account


Recently GoDaddy updated my hosting to some new infrastructure and now it does not work 😞


The Opps page it the site now gets to is a site that GoDaddy owns so it's getting into the GoDaddy servers you but for some reason its not getting to the correct place.


I was told the first time I called that the DNS for my account had been fixed and it would take a while to propagate but that did not fix it. The next call I was told that I needed to change the name servers in the domain hosting side but there support said that making the change would not make any difference.


I am lost and frustrated, the siet has been down for days and I know the long term fix is to get the domain transferred to my account at GoDaddy but I need the site up now. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you,

 -- Woody


Hello @woodyp!


Thank you for posting. Right now, I see that you have 3rd party nameservers set for this domain. As long as it's pointing to those nameservers, you won't see the site that's on your hosting with us. If you update your nameservers to the one's assigned to your domain by our hosting server, your site will resolve properly. 


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Thank you Heather for the reply


I have resolved the issue, when my hosting plan was changed the server IP address was changed witch is reasonable. The issue was that I was using the domain configuration on the domain host and I did not realize the IP address had been modified. Once I got in to the domain host account and saw the way it was configured I was able to lookup the new IP address and set the @, www and . IP values and all was again right in the world 😉


 -- Woody