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This site can’t be reached error message


Both my GoDaddy sites have been down for a few days, the advisors say it is not a server issue, my ISP says it is not their issue. Can anybody please advise what I can do?


Other people say that both sites are slow to load and sometimes get a message saying it is not secure, or timed out. If I use my mobile sometimes they work, and sometimes I have to switch off my Wifi and then it works. I cannot even log in to my admin dashboards for either of them. When I was on the phone to GoDaddy the first time (Sunday) they both briefly came back on, then went down again. I have reset router, all devices, cleared firewall, cache etc and nothing was different last week to this week with my settings. I cannot understand why suddenly this would happen. I would be very grateful for any advice. 


This is the message I get on my home network for both and my other site

This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.



I have the same problem with Vodafone in Italy. I have 7 sites with Godaddy and nobody has seen for at least 10 days. I wrote to Vodafone and but still nothing. Do it too, we must insist unfortunately does not depend on Godaddy. I also have the problem with the data connection of the phone when you access the sites through brows facebook. I cant reach your site too from my device.