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Time zone of Godaddy Europe Data Center

Hello Community,

I need to know the timezone of my server. I have called Godaddy support three times already and the phone support people are less technical than an Indian Ox. Anyway, I am having payment gateway issues with ICICI bank. They are asking me the timezone of the server.

I printed the time zone using PHP code and it gives me UTC. That is GMT or greenwich time.

Godaddy gave the following response :
1st Call : Cannot tell you timezone. Its default and you cannot change it. I will arrange a call back. No cal back came.
2nd Call : Timezone is Arizona, US. MST (after 25 minutes of blabbering and hold time)
3rd Call : Timezone is Amsterdam. I tried CEST (Amsterdam) but again that failed. Plus amsterdam is about


Hey @rooturaj


Were you still needing assistance with this one?


I'm sorry to hear about the confusion caused from some of your support interactions, but the one who mentioned Amsterdam should have been the correct one as this is where most of our EU services are hosted out of. 


Perhaps of if you could outline more details of what it is you're trying to accomplish and the steps you've taken so far with this Payment Gateway? More info may help other members offer a more direct suggestion or possible solution to get around the issues you're encountering. 


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