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Two Step Authenticator enabling in Joomla site troubleshooting

I fail to enable Two Step Authenticator (with Google App code) because of the Time Zone (Server Time showing Arizona) as I understand from the GoDaddy Executive. He said, editing not possible, being hosted in shared-server (cPanel). My further probe reveal that it is possible by editing the .ht


Now I could figured out that I need t

not allowing to post!

need to edit ini file, but missing! weird!

each word I type, I m alerted 'access denied!

'To whom should I go and complain, when God himself has gone for a long sick leave!' ( I m holding the phone for tech support for mare than 45 minutes (California)!

I thought of attaching the screen shots of the access process and the screenshot of the uploading of the same itself. But 'upload' and 'done' not working!

Finally my call is responded after 45 minutes waiting! Another sad news to hear that time zone cannot be edited to my site time zone! So I need to 'edit' my head to get fit to this hat!