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Unable to access my company website from an office network


My website is new. I was using free gocentral trial for the past month and yesterday i purchased the business plan with SSL certificate. When the site was on trial it did not open in chrome and was mostly blocked because there was no SSL with the package (it wouldn't open even in my computer). Now that I purchased the business plan it opens and is https:// but it still is blocked in many of my friends' office network. Why can't it be open like any other normal website, why is it blocked? My website should be accessed through other offices network because if it does not I will not get any business, and there is no use of having this website. If it were just one office i'd understand (i'd blame their network but the website is not opening in many other offices and is blocked). 

Please help! My website is



Hi @Pal3,


Thanks for posting. I am currently able to access your site without any issues. Is there a specific error that visitors were getting? Please provide more information, others in the community may be able to help with additional details. 



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