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Getting Started

Upgrade to PHP 5.5 and MYSQL 5.5

Is there a way to upgrade PHP and MYSQL to version 5.5? 

Getting Started

Upgrading PHP version should be under Software section 'Select PHP version' in Cpanel. If you don't see 5.5 then your plan doesn't include it.

Is anyone can tell me how to upgrade MySQL version from 5.5 to 5.6?

Doesn't seem like it's possible. 😞

I'm following the godaddy instructions and they are either incomplete or the possibility just doesn't exist for linux servers

Please let me know How can I upgrade MySQL version from 5.5 to 5.6?

I'm pretty sure a GoDaddy devops or someother tech has to do this... and they very much SHOULD. There's no excuse for PHP5.3 to still be lurking around. 

I think it at least upgraded, now to figure out other tech issues around it

chatted with someone yesterday.  You need to purchase new control panel hosting to get newer PHP versions.  They are perfectly happy to have us all use PHP that is no longer supported.  Time for a class action.


Can you take me to a step by step how to? I can't find any option for Software section 'Select PHP version'.

Same question here.  Thanks.

Hi @slc999,


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How you upgrade the PHP and MySQL depends on the hosting plan you have in the GoDaddy account. For a MySQL upgrade on cPanel plans, you will need to contact customer support. 


View or change your PHP version in Web & Classic hosting 

View or change your PHP version in cPanel hosting

Upgrading a MySQL or MSSQL Database in Web & Classic Hosting




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