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Uploaded all files and success importing sql, but the page is still not found

Hi guys, 

Our web designer, already 

1. Upload all the files to webroot 

2. Import sql through phpmyadmin, its good. 


but when try access our web its still page no found. 

Do we need to change the wp-config.php ? 

Not sure if the db host localhost is good ? or need to set something else ? where to found the address of the sql in phpmyadmin in godaddy ?

define('DB_HOST', 'localhost'); 


Thanks in advance.

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That is curious.


Are you migrating from a previous host? There's the possibility that there are some simple configuration changes that need to be made in the wp-config but that usually doesn't produce this kind of error.


I'm willing to bet there's either a permissions issue or there's something going wrong with the domain itself.


This is something I'd say you should definitely call in for to diagnose.



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Hi @titanx. With the page that's displaying, my guess would be that either the website files are not loaded in the right directory or your domain isn't actually pointing to the correct hosting plan. For the former, you'll want to make sure the site files are uploaded to the root directory for the site. For the latter, make sure that the domain's A Record is pointed toward the IP address of your hosting plan. The correct IP should display in the control panel for your hosting account. 


As for your database host, this depends on the type of hosting you have. See this article for more information. Hope that helps. 



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