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Very Disappointing Customer: Data Base /ftp Problem

  1. The cost for the Hosting service is way above that which is advertise (Misleading)
  2. I am unable to connect to the database after it was set up only “username and password” is establish no server information is present.
  3. The ftp set up return the same problem no server information.

Frankly I believe that server information pertaining to “data base and ftp” services should be mailed to customers email addresses after the purchasing of services like some other hosting providers do.

After spending so much money I am really angry and furious in regards to the level of support from GoDaddy because issues like these and others that I have seen on the forum needs real support from GoDaddy, because all I see is a forum of disappointments, their support service is very week we need “contact emails and 24/7 online chat support” people don’t want to wait around two and three days to get there business moving forward. There should be administrative support staff to deal with issues at the forum level 24/7

If these issues are not resolved in another day or two I want a refund can’t throw away money these days.

Helper VI

Hello @persistentone


-1- I'm a customer here since 2007 and I've never felt that I was mislead.

-2- in order to find your database details you can follow this tutorial

-3- to setup your FTP use this link.


Good luck.


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