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Web Hosting v Business Hosting

I am considering moving from Ultimate Shared Web Hosting to Business Hosting as the dedicated resources are what is appealing. I can't find any comparison anywhere with speed of Business Hosting v Shared Hosting.

Looking for advice on whether this is a good move.



Re: Web Hosting v Business Hosting

Hey @tonycurl,


It's actually a trickier question to answer as the performance 'speed' difference between the two plans is going to be entirely circumstantial on a multitude of unknown variables. The main take-away from a business plan is going to be the dedicated resources available to you without fully moving to a VPS or Dedicated Server environment. 


If your current site is experiencing some noticeable issues (such as 503 errors) often experienced from resource limitations, then the performance difference is going to be more about 'stability' over 'speed'. 


If you'd like more accurate suggestion from some of the other members who've tried our Business Hosting plans, perhaps you could share the site you have now so details of the content you have can be taken into consideration? 


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Migrating sites to Business Web Hosting

I am looking into switching to Business Hosting from Managed WP Hosting in order to consolidate all of our websites and files onto a single server, and also to use a single UCC SSL certificate to secure all of our domains (Currently 14 domains). I am primarily worried about all of the links I used on our sites. Most of them are local links like href="/wp-content/images/whatever.png" rather than an absolute link. I am wondering if when you choose a secondary domains root folder, do those links to be to included?

So if I had a website called, and the secondary domains root folder was "example", Would I have to change my local links to be /something/wp-content/images/whatever.png" or could I leave it as is?

Obviously my SQL database would have to be migrated, and I am also wondering as how to heck I do that. Do I need to create separate MySQL users for each site and change the WP Config to account for that? Or is there some black magic I need to do?

And finally, when choosing to have multiple domains running off of the same server, do I need to create a virtual host file for each domain in Apache? (Business Hosting does run on Apache, right)


Any help is greatly appreciated.