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Windows Shared Hosting Timeout



I have a website running on Godaddy windows shared deluxe hosting plan. The site is created in 4.0 I am using forms authentication to an SQL server databse also hosted with godaddy. I can run the exact same code locally on my laptop with visual studio pointing to the sql database at godaddy and im logged in for 20 minutes so my code works locally but not on godaddy side.

I have set the session state to 20 minutes in the web.config file but i am logged out after 5 if i leave the page idle. Does Godaddy have a setting in IIS 7 for idle timeout or session timeout that is causing this issue or is it caused by some other worker recycling.


My web.config has the following

<sessionState mode="InProc" cookieless="false" timeout="20"></sessionState>



<authentication mode="Forms">
<forms name="samplecookie"


Anyone have a solution, ive been trying to solve this for days.





I've the same problem. How can we extent the session timeout to default 20 minutes?

I found where the timeout session is set up; go to ASP.NET Configuration for Website; you'll see at the bottom of the screen the Session timeout (minutes) . 

Thanks for the reply. I cant find the settings you are talking about, my page looks like this - 



I am having the exact same problem.  My ASP.NET website has been working for years and then suddenly last week my users were getting kicked out after 5 minutes.  I too am using the old Windows hosted solution that looks exactly like your screenshot.


After scouring the web I found out what the user above you is talking about.  He has the PLESK hosted account.  You can see a screenshot of it here:


On a side note, I called support about my issue and the person said there is no Timeout setting anywhere that can be controlled on my hosted account.  So he said what probably happened is my files were moved to another server.  He said he would set it back to "Classic" because it was "Virtual".  He also reset the pipeline, and recycled the app pool.  And he also did some sort of permissions push, where if there were settings at a higher folder level than my root, it would get pushed down.  Anyway, he said within 24 hours I should see if that fixed it or not.  


If it doesn't fix it -- it looks like changing my hosted solution to a PLESK solution will fix the problem.  But that's a whole new server and requires a full setup from scratch, but the price was almost exactly the same.


 Response.AddHeader("Refresh", Convert.ToString((Session.Timeout * 60) - 360));