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email and web hosting question

My website and email are hosted by another provider (local company, service is going downhill) so I am moving to Godaddy. I set up an account, new/temporary domain name (it was free & allowed me to play around before moving everything over), set up email addresses in the new domain name, and uploaded some initial files for the website -- all through cpanel.


Now I want the original domain name to point to Godaddy. I want incoming email to go to Godaddy.


Current: -> old ISP -> old ISP -> godaddy -> godaddy


Future state: -> **godaddy** -> **godaddy** -> godaddy -> godaddy


I set up an alias within cpanel so should point to the HTML. I do know how to change the nameservers at the domain register for (not Godaddy).


I want everyone outside to only see -- not -- in web interactions and email addresses.


Do I need to set up email forwarding ( -> in cpanel?

What else do I need to do to get this moved over?


Helper V

As per my suggestion rather than getting into more advanced settings you should work smartly.


Use as your permanent website by adding an under construction plugin if using WordPress or anyway you can via code.


In case of moving your content, just download the website content's backup along with Database from old ISP and upload to Godaddy. You'll only need to change the DB usernames and passwords as all other things remain same.


Still if you need more help then do let me know with your hosting plan and on which platform you've your website.


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Thank you for the response. I have "Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel." Currently set up with "".


I've already moved content over to Godaddy


Do I need to switch anything other than the DNS entries? Anything for mail exchange records?


Do I need to set up email forwarding ( -> in cpanel?

What else do I need to do to get this moved over?

can you transfer the domain name from "local isp" to godaddy? 


If so, I do suggest doing that, and then calling godaddy support and ask them to change the hosted domain on your economy hosting to once the transfer is complete.  

That way, you can get everything straightened out at once, and things won't be so complicated.  


That is the way that I would do it, because having all of these redirects and mail forwarding can be a real pain in the behind, and cause more confusion than it's worth.  


That's what I would do.

Getting Started

I have, I think, finally mastered the trick of sending emails from the Linux hosting website I manage.

There is one question which puzzles me - the delay in sending the mail. Is there an artificial delay in the sending of emails? Is there any way of bypassing the delay? It is galling to have to provide a notice to potential visitors that there may be a delay in their welcome mail due to restrictions imposed by GoDaddy