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My question is I'm about to start working at a company that used to create websites WIX (buuuu)


I'm the new head designer and would like to start creating websites the way I used to. We have 100+ clients awaiting for new websites and we will be transferring our old clients from WIX as well.


I'm used to create websites in Wordpress. I know GoDaddy has a very easy way to set those up. My question is; how easy would it be to manage all those clients and or which hosting package do you recommend us? We need to be able to fast create a new domain including some web space with a Wordpress installation on it.





I would suggest the managed wordpress hosting environment which is going to offer ssd drives, automatic backups every 24 hrs, updates to your core wordpress install.


Also take a look into which offers some great ways to manage the wordpress websites for maintenance, migrations, plugin updates, theme updates.


This will enable you to be organized and managed all of your clients sites from 1 location. 

Mike L. | WebPro
Helper VI



My personal preference will always be a virtual private server or a dedicated server so that you have full control of what happens to your data.  Web host or WordPress hosts are cheaper than VPS or Dedicated individually but collectively more expensive.   I'm personally going to start doing this so that I have a better control of what software I have access to, update or backup when I want etc.... Also faster.


If you're not already, you should also signup as a GoDaddy pro.  Being a pro gives you access to a tremendous amount of tools that would be useful for your site management.

~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @
Helper V

@Dost, your new company will save money by paying for a WorPress expert. They might think they are getting a good deal by asking you to do it all and it will work great for you when you are successful but you also could look bad if things don't go well in spite of doing your best.


Also it can save money if your company can find pre-existing tools for migrating sites from Wix to WordPress.