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    Facebook Violation registration issues!!!!

    I have tried to register a Facebook account using my company email domain name and not via hotmail gmail etc. I have tried setting up a personal page and them upgrading to a business page.....

    Every time I register an account I get a message from Facebook (usually 24hrs later) that I am blocked for violating their T&C's!!!??  This is when my page is blank and I have not uploaded anything to it or communicated with anyone so I am perplexed on how Facebook deems my page a violation!  I have tried to contact Facebook and asked for a review (provided ID for verification) but they permanently block me with no overturn or resolution and their is no way to contact via telephone.


    This whole issue is stopping me marketing my site via Facebook  and having the option of utilizing Godaddy social media integration!!


    Is anyone else experiencing these difficulties?


    Thanks in advance





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    Getting Started

    Hey Alex;


    Funny you mentioned this,  I just created a page last night on Facebook with no issues. The only problem I had was I could not create a username, but everything else worked fine. I did everything you did - Can you check your other FB settings... could be something else conflicting.

    Hi @Domain180 


    What settings should i check?  I registered a Facebook account personal page, i then add a page to my personal page detailing my business and then i get locked out for nothing...not even posting a thing!!!  I don't see anything conflicting how could i break rules if i don't post any malicious details or posts either personal or business...I have seen other people with same issue and the problem is there is no way of contacting FB to discuss you just have to wait on them reviewing your case.....and then they just delete your account