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    How to market your business online?

    I can go on and on in explaining how to market our business on the WWW, but it might seem a bit confusing to some, or many. Some might agree with me, that our business is being dominated by many competitors.I would only suggest the following:

    • Local Business marketing (a friend, co-worker who owns a business) to create a site, or offer him ideas to improve clients
    • Local Newspaper Ad's - Some communities have local newspapers where we can advertise ( Mine was $50.00 a month) Only did it for 1 month. Reached many customers and received some good clients.
    • Advertise on neighboring community news papers as well - don't stop!! keep going ( with $50.00 a month ad if you can get 40 customers its a win

    Really thought this would be easy, just launch our site and expect viewers to come. Harder than i thought, this is just some of the ideas i used to break even for now. But hopefully, I will continue using this method to expand to other towns.


    If anyone has any other ideas - please share as we are here to share each other ideas.



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    If the market you are targeting is in your geographic area, the approach would differ based on the type of product or services you are offering, right?  


    For me, when I started out over 25 years ago with my online consulting company, I had to convince folks that the Internet was here to stay as many weren't really on board yet.  So I decided to target my city first, then the county as a whole. Here are a few of the things I did to gain exposure to businesses in just my area:


    • Offered to do a presentation at the local Chambers of Commerce and other business-related orgs.
    • Cold-called in person at local businesses with a quality brochure and business cards.  
    • Donated my time developing local non-profit websites at no charge to them.  
    • Put up several community-related websites that I ran to help to build awareness for the local economy and groups.
    • Participated in local business fairs and community events via volunteering my time and/or promoting via my websites.
    • Donated T-Shirts I had made with my local community site name on it for local fundraising raffles. 
    • Always had business cards on me.  And I made sure I had a different card that stood out.  Mine was clear plastic.  More substantial than a paper card.  Those cards were an icebreaker, became a topic of conversation, and really made an impact.

    Most of this took only my time -- even the T-Shirts weren't that expensive when I realized the bang-for-the-buck I got in return. And this was even before social media and everyone having a Facebook account.  Now, you could create a FB group that caters to those in your target market (beyond local too) as well as participate in locally established FB groups in your area. 


    Of course, you don't want to be commercial all the time -- only when the topic comes up. If someone is looking for what you have to offer just pipe in -- short and sweet -- noting a way they can reach out.  By just participating and being helpful folks will check out your FB page and possibly contact you.  


    Ads are a passive approach and there is a place for that.  But I like being more proactive. If you really want to build a strong local business, you want to be known and trusted within your target market as someone they can rely on, trust, and like.  This means being actively involved in the community where folks can really get to know you -- that is the magic bullet. 😉


    HTH! 😉


    "Success is the sum of details." ~ Harvey S. Firestone

    Getting Started

    Thank you for sharing, love the T-Shirts Idea awesome....I assume Vistaprint?

    Already created many non-profit websites, its amazing how much clientele you can get from that.



    Back in the day, there was no Vistaprint -- at least in the user-friendly form, it is now. (I know, I'm dating myself...)


    Another tip is to do business with the local businesses that can use your services. I used a local t-shirt store and they ended up hiring me to do their site. 😉


    "Success is the sum of details." ~ Harvey S. Firestone

    Good Luck Maria..  Take a look at @Muse Idea as well...