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    @jjbhoneybees Roberta,


    That is one darned cute little site you have there!  And it's zippy too!   So the visuals and the performance is on your side.


    Now the hard part... Getting found.  What makes your site different or better than what is already out there?  Is there something you can do that is unique product-wise to garner attention from those seeking beeswax candles?  You have to discover ways to have clever attention-getting social media interactions, quizzes, games, raffles.  You want to try new things all the time until something clicks.


    Maybe create a unique product representing the Tunnel to Towers foundation.  Being from a military family, I know we gravitate to those who support our troops and first responders -- and buy those specific themed products.  And, we purchase other stuff from them because we appreciate their support.  Since you donate 3% of all sales, that particular product could be 5%,


    Here are some other thoughts:


    => I'm not a big proponent of relying on search engine rankings as it is tough to gain great rankings, and it takes a long, long time.    I searched for honeybee beeswax candles and Premium Beeswax Candles, and both were around a million results.  In both cases, the big box stores, established brands, and Amazon dominated the rankings.  For little guys like us, that's a tough hill to climb.


    This doesn't mean you forget about SEO; it just that you have to keep working on it and look at the long game.   Right now, you are a candle store with very little content other than that of your product-related info.  Think about starting a blog where you can type about all things related to making, using, decorating with your candles -- from your unique and personal point of view. More content provides the opportunity to give the info folks may be looking for and for you to use all kinds of variations of your keyphrases.


    => On your About page, I love the tribute to your parents that helps to provide a window into who you are.  However, I would include a photo or two of yourself making your candles.  People like doing business with people they feel they know and can relate to.


    => On your Heroes page can you share a personal story as to why your support that foundation?


    => Your privacy policy and TOS pages are empty.  You should get your privacy policy in place and delete the TOS if you don't have one.


    => I know your site is on the GoDaddy builder and unsure how to address this, but there is no spacing between paragraphs.  Each paragraph starts on the following line, making the text harder to read.  You want to have a little extra space between each section, so you have some visual separation.


    Overall I believe that reviewing all your content -- product descriptions too -- and making them more detailed and substantial will benefit the site over time.  Right now, everything is pretty generic and could be on any beeswax site.  Work on making your content uniquely yours.


    HTH! 😉



    "Success is the sum of details." ~ Harvey S. Firestone