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    Multiple subscribers list - I set up 2 contacts forms

    We have 2 type of customers. 1 with horses and 1 with ATVs. We use the same website to promote our camp. I set up 2 contacts forms, one for each. I then set up 2 subscribers list, 1 for each. I have the opt in button on each form, so I can get them into my mailing list. How do I tell each contact form, which subscriber list to post to?

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    Hi @CircleE ,


    You have a genius idea!  I don't believe that you can designate your subscribers by contact form, but depending on what email marketing platform you are using, you can set up different lists that way.  Essentially, your contact form will collect all the information, and you could have a designation on the contact form for either horses or ATVS, then divide them up in your email marketing plan accordingly. 

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