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    My main keywords are Custom Aircraft Models. How to beat my Competitors using ahrefs & semrush

    This discussion is about beating your competitors by making a list of your top 10 keywords and identifying all your competitors for a list of specific keywords. My companies primary keyword is Custom Aircraft Models.  You can pull this type of data using "ahrefs" and "semrush".  If you don't have the budget to pay for a subscription, many online freelancers can pull these reports for a small fee. Let's dive right into the topic of Competitor Keywords and the question I have for those SEO experts.  


    To perform a competitor keyword analysis, you need to identify at least 10 of your top keywords and who are competing for those keywords.  Some of my keywords, for example, are as follows:


    1. Custom Aircraft Models
    2. Custom Airplane Models
    3. Large Custom Airplane Models
    4. Custom Desktop Models
    5. Custom Wooden Airplane Models

    You should produce about 10-20 keywords to cover all your bases. These keywords will then produce a list of competitors. A real basic way to find out who your competitors are without using ahrefs is to simply google the keywords. You will want to collect all your competitors and perform a backlink analysis to find out which backlinks they are using.  As part of my strategy, I make a list of the top 100-200 backlinks that appear to be working for my competitors and add these to my Target list of backlinks to obtain.   If these backlinks are working for them, why reinvent the wheel right?  If you have 20 competitors identified, you will surely be able to extract at least 15 to 30 backlinks from each competitor. I've applied this method to my 4000 backlinks and its quite effective. 


    Heres my question for those advance SEO experts that can enlighten me more about competitor backlinks and how competitors are Ranking. My competitors are using some very "Fishy Tactics" that don't make sense.  Seems like Google is allowing them to get away with cheating.


    Please have a look at some of these very fishy tactics.  They are using some type of service or caching search results to embedded their URL on various sites. 





    I see line after line after line of their keywords being logged onto these sites.  It appears they logon to these sites and searches for their own companies and keywords to register these logs on the server.  Is this legal?   Does anybody know what this is and how they are getting away with it?  



    Herman Bongco

    Modelworks Direct

    Herman Bongco
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    Resolver VI

    Hi, thank you for joining the GoDaddy community. As we know that SEO is like the backbone of your website. Your post is beneficial for SEO purposes. 

    Zulfiqar Anees | Founder/CEO at FastTech Media, TechMag, TechKnowable, and ZulWeb | GoDaddy Pro.