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    No domain authority - reaching out for HELP

    Hi all, so my first Go Daddy website builder has been a great success story over the last 18 months. Traffic has grown from day 1 and has continued on its uphill journey ever since. All good.


    What has been really bugging my lately, as I start to look into SEO further to ensure the site continues to progress...is. Backlinks and MOZ Domain Authoity.


    Quite simply, I have NO backlinks. I have NO DA (OK I do, but the lowest possible at 1/100).


    Now for sure, I know i have at least 20-30 local online directorys which have my business details published. I have all social media updated and current with the website address. I pay for membership to sites like Checkatrade and professional industry associations relevant to my line of work.


    Yet no incoming links, and no DA!


    www.mkaerials.co.uk              is the site in question!


    Ive come to the end of my capacity after 3 weeks of trying to understand why. Any ideas? Clues? Voodoo?



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    Any thoughts at all? Suggestions or tips? It seems like a fundamental issue to me...