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Create a Dominos type website

Sorry if this has been covered before. Domino's website has a Pizza Builder function. Basically, you build a pizza from the dough up. I want that function for my fence building business. My clients pick height, style, type of wood, extras, etc. and a picture shows what the fence will look like as they add things. Can I do this with GoDaddy?

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Re: Create a Dominos type website

The good news is that anything can be done @dgoins6. In this case you have seen a working example so you definitely know that it is indeed possible. The questions I'd ask are How much time do you have to do this on your own? and/or What is your budget for this project? 


I often have clients come to me with ideas and goals for their project and I appreciate having a reference. The are some issues with getting to duplicate the work of others though. In some cases I would refer someone to templates, code authors and other resources that perhaps contributed (or in some case was used entirely)  to a referenced design. In your situation at a quick glance I cannot locate a reference for that code but anything can be done. The one thought I have is that something like a print configurator product might work?  Maybe others will have ideas as well?


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