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GoDaddy is the WORST! My Dedicated Server Crashed 3 times this year!

Please DO NOT USE GODaddy! Take your business elsewhere!


GoDaddy is the worst hosting provider ever! I have been with them for 10 years and the last few years have been awful! They used to be the Creme Dela Creme of hosting. Now they are the GHETTO of hosting!

They "reprovisioned" my dedicated server drives 3 times this year claiming to have put new drives in. However a few months later the drives died again, and then again!


They reattached the "damaged" drives via USB and basically just wallked away. One of the drives responded and the other did not. I asked them to try a few tricks of the trade to get the drive to spin up but they FLAT OUT REFUSED! Wouldn't even try!!

You would think after THEIR HARDWARE failed on us THREE TIMES THIS YEAR that they would agree to do anything possible to help! They basically told me we are NOT trying anything else and you're just screwed! couldn't even speak with the tech directly. Had to call customer service, who Instant messages the supervisor, who then passes instructions on to the tech. The tech has no clue how badly we need the data and certainly will not go over and beyond! They would not even agree to sell me the damaged drive so I could get someone to restore it off the platters!


I am speaking with an attorney now about the possibility of filing another CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against them (there are several already filed) as I suspect they replaced my drives with used or refurbished drives. No way you have to replace the same hard drives 3 TIMES in the same year if you are using NEW HARDWARE!



If you have had similar problems with GoDaddy, email me at


I sure hope their new CEO turns that company around or they will not have any hosting customers left!