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Godaddy answering machine is not working

I called customer service and the recording is stuck on, "If you know your customer number, press 1".  I pressed "1" and it repeats, "If you know your customer number, press 1."  It repeats that unendingly so basically I cannot talk to tech support because I can't get past that recording.


Re: Godaddy answering machine is not working

Greetings @cj9 ,


If I have this right, you may be referring to the phone tree which puts you in touch with support, billing, etc... I don't see anything on any known issues at the moment. Perhaps it is not detecting the number you are entering, Many newer devices can produce incompatible signals to the older DTMF systems were once based on (I have this problem with my pharmacy).

However, I have some suggestions.


First, try another device to call in (home phone, work phone, another cell phone) to see if that helps.


Second, you may want to try an alternate number. See this list to see if you have options or check the homepage to see if chat is available:


I hope that helps,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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