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Hopeless - domains I do not want renew.

This is bloody hopeless.

For the FIFTH! time GoDaddy has tried to renew domains with NO Autorenew.  

And where is the so called Award-winning Support team? Well, as usual "Chat agents are currently unavailable".

This is written in total frustration. This is the 5th time I have tried to contact Support to find out why GoDaddy continues to try and renew domains I do not want renewed.

Longer term solution: I will NEVER register another domain with GoDaddy and in the meantime transfer what I want as far away from GoDaddy as I can get.

As I started with: Hopeless. 

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Hi @petergjersoe,

You do realise that you expected chat to be available at 3 am!!

Please check a world 🌎 clock before trying!!


Chat available from 5am to 6pm ARIZONA LOCAL TIME!

I just checked with Siri before you say anything........

Phones are available 24/7 though and TBH I don't know any other support that offer this. 

Grass isn't always greener..........


Hi, which other platforms do you suggest. I am tired of battling with a non-existent help facility via chat.