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No domain expired notice and bad hotline service - blocked by Gmail,

I just found my three registered domain names are expired but without any email notice to me for the renewal that not same as before. I tried to call Godaddy hotline, they said it's not their problem and no matter their email is blocked by Gmail, it's my email problem. They only repeat their system marked their notice was sent. Seem not quite helpful and always to ask me PAY PAY PAY to renew it again by 10x of the original price, this's their answer to my question.


Really not feeling comfortable of their service level. I called at 17:45, the line cut after someone picked up, and I retried and the hotline staff all the time want to cut my line, maybe my calling time was very near his off duty period, only ten minutes to 18:00.


Their Hotline service really no functions!