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On Hold Music waiting for Tech Support

I have been a loyal client for over 7 years and the the music they make you listen to on hold has not changed and is going to drive me to kill myself...


please change that music to something  - anything - please~!


Re: On Hold Music waiting for Tech Support

Hi @stambling,


Welcome to the Community!

We appreciate your feedback on the hold music. If you listen carefully, just after the prompts to get you to the right department, you'll have the option to listen in silence. Just click the "pound" sign (#) when prompted to avoid the music. Smiley Very Happy

If this can save a life, the tip will be worth it. We'll pass your comment along.



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Re: On Hold Music waiting for Tech Support


Until you get a tech - and they put you on hold…

Have you heard the music? It is really painful..


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Re: On Hold Music waiting for Tech Support

Thanks for posting @stambling. Agents can put you on hold without music. Some of them will ask beforehand but if they don't, they should be able to do it if you ask them to. Sorry for subjecting you to any painful music Man Happy


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