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Questionable Sales Tactics from GoDaddy

I've been a GoDaddy client well over 10 years and to date have always raved about the courtesy calls I get from time to time to review the account, see if interested in additional services etc... 


Today I get a call from "Nick" who had noticed some alerts on my account... Nick went on to explain the nature of his concern, it appears as if I have a program on my account that is supposed to save me money on renewals but it doesn't appear to be active... he proceeded to ask me my ZIP code and informed me he will activate the program so that future renewals will be discounted. He proceeded to say he will use the card I have on file. I paused for a minute thinking back at past calls offering me bulk renewals with consolidation and other similar services... so I asked, is this some kind of paid service or subscription? Nick replied "Yes, it is a hundred and some dollars a year". I asked him when he was planning on informing me of the cost and he replied that him calling this a "Subscription" during our call implies there is a cost.


Perhaps Nick was having a bad day but this is not the quality of call I am used to from GoDaddy, nor do I feel as warm and fuzzy as I once did about having my credit card on file and accessed by such sales people... I'm sure GoDaddy is using third parties to make all these calls and controlling the call quality is likely a nightmare. I don't believe I will be as open as I have been in the past with calls from GoDaddy.


Rant over... Happy 2018 Everyone! Smiley Happy


Re: Questionable Sales Tactics from GoDaddy

Like you, I've been a customer of Godaddy for over 10 years.  Up until recently support or sales were trustworthy and honest.  After my last call however, I will never trust a Godday sales rep again.  A couple weeks ago I received a call from Godaddy telling me I needed to upgrade my email service.  I said I would look into it online since my current plan doesn't expire for another 8 months.  His first lie to me was he could offer an upgrade over the phone at a significant discount because HE was reaching out to me.  His second lie to me was the rate of renewal on my current service was going way up.  Shame on me for believing him and upgrading over the phone.  After looking into it, my old plan was renuable up to 5 years at the same rate.  What angers me the most, the price he gave me for the upgrade was higher than what was offered online if I were to do it myself.  Not only did I not need the upgrade, but I was duped into a price he lied about.  Never again will I even listen to a call from Godaddy.  My next upgrade will be with Bluehost or something similar.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Questionable Sales Tactics from GoDaddy

Sorry to hear that you've had an unpleasant experience with our support team @Ynot. We really want all support interactions to give customers a "wow" experience. What you described does not sound like the type of experience we want customers to have. It is true that there are some changes coming to our older Workspace Email platform. However, if you were offered something that was supposed to be a better deal for you, then it really should have been. I would encourage you to get back in touch with our support team and speak with a supervisor so they can see what can be worked out for you. If the purchase was recent, you may also be able to get a refund and move back to the email plan you had before if that's what you want. 



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