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Really? An Award Winning Support Team with 24/7 NON-AVAILABILITY on Chat & Phone,Who gave it to you?

Are you guys really sure you have an award winning support team with almost non-availability of support on Phone or on Chat. Chat Button is always invisible and I waited 2 hours on Phone for a support executive to resolve my queries. If you can not handle problems after a sale is converted you must stop selling more products for which you cannot commit after sales service. Are you guys really aware about customer worries after they make a purchase on your panel by mistake or with Hope. You kill hopes every single minute. Even if you are expanding but you are loosing Old Gold. If you guys are frustrated of helping your clients for after sales service, we are frustrated with your lies of 24/7 Live support from an Award Winning Team. I doubt if the Award is also produced by the Godaddy Support Team Itself.


I am NEVER able to make the Chat icon appear!


It says:


Still Need Help?
Chat with our award-winning support team
But it is NEVER clickable even if I access it during your chat business hours (between 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. Arizona time).
I think it's extremely poor customer service!