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Website & Marketing Product Improvements Needed

After being a user of Website Tonight web builder for many years, now switched to Websites & Marketing Web Builder and very disappointed in its functioning and look of website with too much wasted white space.



1) Needs to work with Firefox while designing..does Not work now on inserting images.

2) Preview needs to be fixed as not accurate..shows type as small in desktop version whereas in actuality it is large.

3) Need ability to edit mobile site separately from desktop version.

4) Too much waste of white space when adding a section with just a few lines. Need function to decrease height of each section.

5) Need function to be able to color typeface in parts of paragraph for certain words, now only header can be color adjusted.

6) Need function to make sub-button even smaller than now able.

7) Need ability to have some words in paragraph to be linked to another page or url.

😎 Cookie banner - annoying to have it pop up every time a different page of website is visited..need function to limit to entry page only.

9) Accent color function- needs to be separate function to alter from page navigation color across top when entering type over part of photo.

10) Stat counter no longer works to record separate url's of website, only shows main domain. Trying to embed html at top of page makes too much space in section until section below shows.

11) Need to add function (like Website Tonight web builder had) where name of url can be changed for better SEO and not just same as page navigation names.

12) Need to add function to adjust size of photo via width and height to be able to wrap copy around.

13) Need more templates for entering html code and changing sizes of sections.

14) Need more adjustments for font size as making type bigger on desktop version becomes too large and doesn't paginate right on mobile version.


Im sure others in the GD community have even more suggestions to improve this web builder.


Product Team

Hi @webbuilder! Thanks for your thoughtful feedback. We have taken note of these requests and you will hopefully start seeing many of them making their way into the product. We recently announced some button customization and font size options that you may have noticed already. Your suggestions allow us to learn about our customers' needs and pain points, so we can make better decisions about where to invest. Please keep them coming. Thank you. 

@ShradhaB I have another suggestion:

For "MAILING LIST SIGNUP" form - when visitors to my site fill out my "Sign Up Form", I get an email with my website name as the Header with subject line that says "A MESSAGE FROM MY CONTACT FORM". FOR my CONTACT US form, I get same Header and Subject line sent to my email address. Is there a way for you to change so Header and Subject is different for "Mailing List Sign Up Form" versus "Contact Us Form" and take out "A MESSAGE FROM"???


Would make it much easier to sort in my inbox to reply to those that filled out the Contact Us forms.