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how to find high search keyword

Hi, am Samay I am looking for a high search keyword for a domain. suggest to me how to find high search keyword. last time I have purchased a high search keyword domain, it is this is suggested by my friend. so now I want to know how to find this. so, please give me an idea.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: how to find high search keyword

Hi @samayshah786, I'd recommend using Google Trends to lookup popular search phrases & keywords:  


Once you've decided on a word or phrase that you think will work for your needs, you can search for available domains on the GoDaddy homepage.  Good luck!  



Re: how to find high search keyword

You gonna be carefull about this , high search volume keyword in domain get penalize by Google.

Re: how to find high search keyword

I don't think google penalizes you for having high search keywords in your domain, if anything it helps add relevancy, but it will be hard to rank for those as everyone will be competing for them. It is more important to choose the main keywords but then find longer key phrases that also get a good amount of searches but make it more specific to your prospective clients. - DJ Emir of Denver's Best DJs

Re: how to find high search keyword

You can easily search your favorite and targeted keyword using Google keyword planner Tool, You can also use Keyword Tool both tools are free and user-friendly.


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