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    Contact Form 7 Stopped sending emails

    Hello, I'm on Managed WordpPress and using Contact Form 7.


    Everyhting was working fine and i was receiving emails regularly.  I suddenly realized that I had not been receiving any emails for a while and traced it back to when Wordpress 5.5.3 was deployed.


    • No error messages when using the form
    • I'm using 365 for emails
    • I've installed Flamingo so I at least see incoming messages in my Wordpress admin page, and that works.
    • GODaddy support has not been helpful

    All the solutions I have seen so far point to changing to SMTP instead of PHP or changing the CPanel Mx records for mail to remote instead of local.  But I don't use CPanel (managed wordpress) and PHP has been working fine for a while so why did it stop suddenly?


    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    Thank you

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    So I figured out what the problem is.  All the messages were going into my spam folder in my domain email address that is an office 365 Godaddy email address.  I've configured the Contact form 7 as follows:

    Why does Office 365, that is provided by Godaddy, considers emails coming from a domaine hosted by Godaddy to be spam?