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    Difference in available Page Attributes staging vs production

    I've recently created my staging site and am new to Godaddy but not new to Wordpress. I've noticed a difference between my staging site and the production site.


    When editing a page, the production site shows the full range of Page Attributes that should be there. The staging site does not show the full range, it only shows page  order. I need to be able to select and apply page templates and this is the place where it should be done.



    Edit: I just realised had two different themes running. When I changed the staging theme to match the production theme, the 'templates' option appeared. The 'parent' option didn't but it's not needed in my project.


    I'm working with the new theme but now adding the corrct markup to its templates.


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    Re: Difference in available Page Attributes staging vs production

    Please mark this as answered if you already figured it out 😄

    ~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @ fullstackwebsolution.com