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    Google Search Console/Mobile Friendly Test Says Page Partially Loaded

    Hi guys, hope you're all well.


    I've been running into a problem with my Managed Wordpress Hosting. Whenever I run my site through Google Search Console or the Mobile-Friendly Test, I'm told that the page is not mobile-friendly because clickable elements are too close and the content is wider than the screen. I'm also told the site's pages and posts are only partially loaded.


    Over 100 page resources are not loaded and I'm told it's because my robots.txt file is blocking Googlebot. I've checked and I am not blocking anything in my robots file. Also, I've found that the resources that cannot be loaded are located at myftpupload.com - what is this? I've searched and it seems linked to GoDaddy.


    I'm not really sure what to do with this but help would be appreciated. 

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    Hello @fabiocrispim and thank you for being a part of the Community!


    Do you mind sharing your domain name to further assist with troubleshooting or if you had these issues resolved, do you mind sharing how? If you were not able to get these issues fixed, you can always try to optimize your site to help fix one of the issues you received:

    You can also utilize GoDaddy's WordPress Premium Support which is a pay per task service that can help optimize and fix broken links among other task from their Support Catalog. If you choose to utilize this option, GoDaddy Support can further assist with adding this to your account.

    GoDaddy Support is available 24/7!

    I fixed both the issues in my search console yesterday.


    So. I am sending you a quick checklist to examine all this. 


    1. Make sure that the smallest font size (on mobile) is 14px

    2. Make sure that there is enough padding and margin between the text.

    3. The minimum Line height should be 1.4em for all the elements on your website


    Above will fix almost everything with mobile responsiveness.


    You can paste here the content of your robots.txt file so that we can look into it. 

    Next, Use Robots testing tool inside the Google Search Console to troubleshoot this.


    I hope it helps. You can share your domain name so that we can examine and provide you with a perfect resolution.




    I have this same issue. With the CDN turned on, all resources are accessed using secureservercdn.net URLs. Some of those redirect to the default domain for the site, xxx.yyy.myftpupload.com instead of to the intended registered domain of the site. The robots.txt for the intended domain is correct and allows access, but GoDaddy serves up a "disallow everything" robots.txt for xxx.yyy.myftpupload.com. The email response from third tier support was that they fixed the problem by turning the CDN off. I replied by email explaining that we want to use the CDN and provided details regarding the problem, but received no response. So I called again and a first level person annotated my ticket with the notes I had sent in my email. Still no response from third level support. Been working on this for 10 days so far.

    Hello, did you ever resolve this issue? I contacted godaddy about the CDN and they stated the same...

    No, the CDN does not work properly. A GoDaddy support rep indicated that it is a relatively new feature, implying that bugs should be expected. I may try to turn it on again in a year or so, if my client is still using GoDaddy hosting.


    That said, the site is using "Ultimate" Wordpress Hosting and is incredibly slow. I have had to resort to updating plugins one at a time. If I try to update several at once, it times out before the update is finished and the site is left in maintenance mode. It may be that the performance issue is unique to our setup. I'll have to invest some time to figure that out, hopefully with better results than what I got with the CDN issue.

    I have been having the same issue with my ultimate managed Wordpress and Google not liking the robots being blocked issue for about six months now. I have zero understanding of how Wordpress works and only use it for a simple text blog. I don’t know what CDN is nor how it affects my managed Wordpress account but I am curious if anyone ever figured a solution to this? I’ve been on the ultimate platform for awhile now and didn’t have the problem at first. It only started happening regularly this year give or take around the summer to fall time frame. I thought it was because of a plug-in I use, Jetpack, but now it seems based upon what I read here that it is related to how Godaddy handles the server environment. My site is viewable just fine in mobile mode for all devices. Google robots just aren’t allowed to see that because of Godaddy it seems. Anyone know if this is ever going to be fixed or know of a workaround?