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    HOW To Change My SFTP Password


    Please! I really need an immediate help as regards changing my SFTP password.

    Weeks now, I noticed an unknown user gaining access to my FTP account thereby uploading several hundred of spammy files to my site root, including possessing a verified ownership tag on google console using the meta tag. This has cause my site to be identified by google as a spam site.

    I have tried to close every possible loopholes but with the hacker owing access to my SFTP account would mean my effort is in vain.

    Please, someone help me on how to change my SFTP password because I tried and it always reply "Invalid Password, try again".

    Any vital help will be appreciated.

    Thank you!!
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    Re: HOW To Change My SFTP Password

    Hi @NaijaBeatZone, thanks for posting.

    Since you mentioned sFTP, it seems like you're using Managed WordPress hosting. You can use the first 5 steps of this article to view and then change your sFTP password:


    Keep in mind that this is separate from your GoDaddy account password and your WordPress Admin password. You may want to consider changing both of those as well.


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