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    Updating a file in plugin causes error 502

    I was trying to optimize a plugin through plugin editor.

    I have the plugin deactivated, and I am trying to edit one file only.


    Before this was not happening, only started today.

    I thought this was caused by Sucuri, but after removing it the error is still showing up.


    The error is error 502 and only shows up after I hit the 'update file' button.


    I am wondering if I am doing something wrong.


    The hosting is Managed Wordpress Hosting.

    Domain is combilift-canada.com

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    Re: Updating a file in plugin causes error 502



    This may have to do with the way GoDaddy's Managed WordPress is set up. Several files are locked down in the permissions settings to prevent compromise of the website. I'm not exactly sure if this is one of those files in particular but your best bet for a resolution with this may be to give phone support a call and talk to the Hosting department.

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