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    WordPress hosting extremely slow in South Korea, affecting our SEO ranking

    Hi Godaddy and guys,


    We have a statics website hosting on the managed WordPress Hosting, and we had been experiencing super slow connection from South Korea, where our client mostly from.  And here we need some help from Godaddy


    1) The Data center location is in Europe, anyway we can change it to Asia and some where closer and have a better performance to my client in Korea?

    2) Even using Cloudflare CDN and leave a longer cache time for my client, but every-time refreshing our web still a pain


    3) Anyway to restart / reboot the WordPress?


    4) The most frustrating point is, because of the low response and loading time of our website in South Korea, our website (which is a company official website) cannot have a good SEO ranking on naver (imagine it's a South Korea "Google", dominated 75.2% of South Korea search engine market)... And if this cannot improve we have to switch to South Korea local hosting...


    Thanks guys



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