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    WordPress site & Database Back up issue


    This is regarding our wordpress hosting expiration and renewal issue we are experiencing with GoDaddy support team for backing up of all data regarding the wordpress website and making the site live again. We have moved from wordpress hosting to Linux hosting with c-panel. There has been a problem while backing up our wordpress website files, and when we wanted to put the site in Linux server we realized that database file is missing. This has been our first time trying to move to Linux server and we lacked the technical aspects of moving the website. 

    As professional photographer with a team, we have been out on work for a while and could not attend to any queries regarding the hosting and website as we were far away in forest for shoot. In this process the website was shutdown and when we wanted to move the website the technical issues has created more confusion. There is lot of work done on the site and some of the content has work related to our clients and business.  This is the issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

    We got few calls from support team when we were out at work. We asked them to call back to remind us at particular time but did not get any reminder calls from them and we totally forgot about website. And when we contacted support ourselves to address the issue immediately which can be cleared by providing access to our data, they are refusing to do so and are saying it would cost more for it. Why would we pay for our data when we have already renewed the account? We did not moving away from GoDaddy as a customer and still believe it is giving good service. It is unfortunate that the support team manager did not respond to us in adequate way and rather were unprofessional and bit rude in their behavior to address our issue at hand. We have been a GoDaddy customer for as long as 13 years 
    and did not expect such kind of reaction from reputed company like yours. After the experience I had on last call with GoDaddy support I feel like if i should continue with my account here.  Though call executive was admitting to a lapse in calling back on reminder request and instead of trying to help solve the issue they offered to roll back the new Linux hosting plan and pay me back.This is questioning customer service provided by GoDaddy.

    Please respond to this immediately. As there is potential business at stake if our website is not live soon.
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