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    blank sitemap

    my sitemap has gone to blank page. checked various ideas following yoast. Not technical enough to check source code etc. any other places I should be checking.no plugin or theme conflicts.


    thanks in advance

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    Re: blank sitemap

    I am having the same issue.

    I am using managed WordPress, 

    I Can not see any sitemap on my site.  



    Please help.


    Re: Blank sitemap

    https://solpetsupplies.co.uk/sitemap.xml    exact same issue. been less than a month I reckon don't know for sure though

    Re: blank sitemap

    Same here.

    Started right after moving to HTTPS.

    Everything was fine on http. 

    I also disabled all my plugins and still get an empty sitemap.

    Re: blank sitemap

    Same here, I phoned support as everything points to a godaddy issue, but they want me to pay for this. Confused as surely this is what we pay for when you buy the serivce