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    i want to transfer our website to wordpress managed hosting

    i have website in .pk extension. i am using wordpress .
    i want to purchase vps and can you offer free ssl with vps
    if some spike of traffic come then with in 5 minutes vps upgrade or not
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    Re: i want to transfer our website to wordpress managed hosting



    I'm a little confused by your question / post....


    1) I see that you are using CloudFlare for your DNS - CloudFlare provides SSL

    2) CloudFlare should help with spikes in traffic assuming you are using the CDN vs just passing through to the server

    3) a VPS server and Managed WordPress Hosting are 2 different offerings from GoDaddy

    VPS is one where you have much more control over the server configuration and can tweak settings - the Linux based servers run WHM/cPanel which allow you to install Free SSL certificates from either cPanel or Let's Encrypt


    If you should require more memory / disk space you can upgrade to the next level server, but this is not an automated process (as in if you have a spike it doesn't automatically upgrade)


    The Managed WordPress offering is one in which GoDaddy manages the core WordPress system as well as the underlying server settings / configuration which is optimized for performance.


    The new "Pro" Managed WordPress includes SSL & CDN


    Hopefully this answers your questions.





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