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    iTunes Podcast RSS error: "We had difficulty reading this feed. host parameter is null"

    In my iTunes Connect panel it shows the error "We had difficulty reading this feed. Host parameter is null"

    the RSS feed is: http://theminutepodcast.com/feed/podcast/

    I'm told that this is almost certainly a hosting problem.

    Could someone help me out by checking my RSS feed and see where the problem may be?

    Has anyone else encountered this error?

    Thank you.

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    Hi @tpots,

    your podcast fail may be the very least of your problems if you do not have copyright licence? If you don't your site will be suspended. Just saying, that's all...... you probably are aware but you wouldn't believe the attitude by some on the net that everything is a free for all.......... serious court procedures can take place on copyright infringement. Just be aware of this........


    Our podcast is in the clear. I'm a creative professional who has to navigate the world of copyright regularly. The premise of the show falls within the satire and criticism laws of US copy protection. Even if there is a problem, it has nothing to do with the technical issue I'm having with my RSS feed.
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    Hi @tpots,

    Glad you won't be back here complaining as to why godaddy suspended your site Smiley Happy

    I was simply saying, that's all......

     and the reason I did not offer help is that until sure I'm not helping someone break the law, I leave it / them alone.


    I can usually judge by the answer I get ( straight onto the defensive ) whether or not someone is legit........or border line.... either way

    Have a good day Smiley Happy 

    Hi @tpots,


    On your WP site, make sure you've allocated enough resources AND optimized your site.  Many platforms that pull RSS feeds don't give a site much time to respond to a "content-request".  If your site does not respond in time, then you get a NULL feed. I use RSS aggregation frequently. RSS aggregation and presentation CAN be quite resource intense.


    Hope this helps,


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