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502 (Bad Gateway) Error when accessing page

Hi guys,


i just got green screen with 502 (Bad Gateway) Error.











Something's gone wrong, but it's likely temporary. 
Try refreshing the page, but it'd be best to try back later.
This page error has the following parameters:
clientIP - ::ffff:
gatewayHostname - starkgate-p08
originDomain -
resolvedOriginDomain -
I tried using different browsers, incognito, mobile, nothing helped...
Current state:
  • Home page is visible but slider is not loading and some other elements.
  • When click on product, error comes out.
  • When trying to access wp-admin also get same error.
  • Also i cannot access root using FTP File Zila.
All this happend after i purchase  McAfee Secure and click on "Add McAfee Secure automatically  on your site".

Thank you for helping me

Same Im getting for my domain, any solutions on this


I removed McAfee Secure and there is no problem.

I tried removing the mcafee like what was suggested but it did not work for me.

@ZF wrote:

I removed McAfee Secure and there is no problem.



Hello Team,

I am also getting a same error, my site is working fine around hour ago. Suddenly getting this error, can any one help me out. Recently I added the wildcard cert in Apache, Now its giving me fake cert error. I purchase this error from go-daddy.




Hi @ahsan512,


Welcome to the community!

Unfortunately, this appears to be account specific and Community is not a support forum. You will need to contact live support to look into your issue and be able to look into your account and onto the server.



TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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