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Add bulk TXT record for ownership verification

Other registrars have a feature which allows "Bulk Add DNS Records". I realize it's not cool to post competitors here, but, I feel that GoDaddy needs to roll out this feature. If it exists then please let me know. I called support and from what we both could see it isn't available.


I need a way to add TXT records in bulk without having to host the domains. DNS templates overwrite all lines so that won't work. Two  usage examples I need right now are (1) SPF, and (2) ownership verification:


(1) TXT v=spf1 -all  (domain sends no mail)

(2) TXT abc123abc123abc123abc123 (ownership verification)



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Re: Add bulk TXT record for ownership verification


#1. I cannot get my domain to verify using bulk or single TXT records.

#2. I cannot verify my domain in an automatic way either. I will be using Google Business Email - and their verification system and yours don't seem to jam this AM.

Will an expert or employee please advise. I am hearing impaired as well, please also private message me.


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Re: Add bulk TXT record for ownership verification

Hi @JohnN. Not sure if you still need help with this, but the only way you'd be able to add bulk TXT records in our DNS interface would be to import a properly formatted zone file where the records have been added. Unfortunately, the zone file import tool that we have in our DNS manager is not currently working as intended. The only way to import a zone file is with the assistance of our customer care team. Please note that our support agents cannot troubleshoot zone file formatting issues. 


Hi @erikjond. The most common problem with DNS verification records is improper formatting. When you create a record, make sure you only enter the subdomain value in the name/host field. For example, if you want to create a TXT record for, you would only enter VerifyDomain123xyz in the name/host field in the DNS manager. This article might help. If not, please reach out to our customer care team so they can take a look. 


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