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Add subdomain access to aws server fail.

 i have config my domain: and can access to server ip:

A              --------- @          ------------      123.456.789.100

CNAME   --------- www      ------------      123.456.789.100


Everythink ok. But i need config new subdomain run.

my config like this:

CNAME   --------- account      ------------      123.456.789.100


i just need config subdomain: run to my server

How i can do it, please help me

Community Manager

Hi @quanghuy1294. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! One of the main differences between A records and CNAMEs is that A records always point to IP addresses, while CNAMEs point to a URL. If you want to set up a subdomain for "account" that points to the the IP address in question, you'll need to set up an A record for it. Alternatively, if you create a CNAME that points to "@" it will use the same IP as your domain. That would be another way to do it. Hope that helps. 


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