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Can't cancel Private Domain Registration FROM CART(frozen button)- GODADDY WHY? Cheap SCAM Trick

I tried different options

Wasted 1 hour

trying to Renew 2 domains, and one I don't need Private Registration

i canceled that Why is still in Cart and it is froze when i try to delete it . NO MATTER CHROME OR IE


i saw that KIND of SOLVED

 and even to leave post here takes 10 minutes


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Hey there @Customer8888!


If you want to cancel your private registration, this is the easiest way to do it.


The renewal thing sounds like a bug of some sort which does happen from time to time. GoDaddy isn't trying to scam you. It's just a thing that sometimes happens with technology. Lots of working parts and all that.


Hope that helps!

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OK. Today this Frozen Button disappeared.

For all People who have similar issue Waiting can be solution.

all other Solutions mentioned on Board for me did not work.

Thank MrVapor for Reply

and happy new year everyone!