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Cannot retrieve details of a domain which is purchased with API

In OTE environment,  I purchased a domain "" with the API ( The API call got 200 response with the following body:


    "orderId": 1563120,

    "itemCount": 1,

    "total": 15170000,

    "currency": "USD"



I can find the order in the response of list orders API. But when I call another API ( to retrieve the detail of this domain, I got 404 error with the following body:

"code": "NOT_FOUND",
"message": "Domain not found for shopper",
"name": "ApiError"


My questions are:

1. Why does this happen?

2. Other than calling API to retrieve the domain details, is there any other way to verify the purchase with API?


Thank you!

Community Manager

Hi @glucn. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! I'm not terribly familiar with how this should work. However, I did want to let you know you can try reaching out to with any questions. Hope that helps. 


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