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DNS Flag Day

For the 2019 DNS Flag day there is a page to test if your DNS is ready to rock.  MOST of the sites I have on GoDaddy fail the test on this page.  What gives, and how do I fix them.  Thanks.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: DNS Flag Day

Hi @Tabaliah. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! I tested 7 domains that use GoDaddy DNS but didn't get an error on any of them. If you'd like to share the domains in question, others may be able to offer suggestions of what might be wrong. 


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Re: DNS Flag Day

I revisited the problem and worked it out.  Apparently in the past I had purchased some name your own DNS server thing on my account.  GoDaddy changed their system and I no longer had the product.  (I believe it was their premium dns system and I didn't resubscribe.)  It left my domain list without NS listings for the domain name servers, instead listed them as A records I believe.  The items that passed were purchased after the premium dns system had expired.  I removed all the non NS record items, re-established the name servers as NS items and now they all pass.  Thank-you.